Thursday, November 15, 2007


This is a flyer done by Gadget over at Digitalhustle. It was short notice and I appreciate his help and trying to learn Photoshop in 8 hours. On to the good stuff.

The official tracklisting for Exactly!!!!

1.intro (this is for...)
2. i got chu (produced by kaimbr)
3. all we got feat. kev brown (produced by kev brown)
4. whatever u like (produced by kev brown)
5. down 2 do it (clap) feat. roddy rod (produced by dj roddy rod)
6. good times (produced by kev brown)
7. keep doin it (Produced by krhysis)
8. power (cars drive by) (produced by kev brown)
9. gonna make a way feat. wayna (produced by kaimbr)
10. feel it (produced by kev brown)
11. better feat. kev brown & bilal salaam (produced by kev brown)

1 comment:

Majik said...

it's (truly) low budget!!!!!